Color project (2019)
Color combinations. Color theory and practice
The goal
This project arose in the process of thinking over the color course, which I plan to conduct this year. But first of all, the goal of this project is personal: to pump even more my sense of color and create my own library of beautiful color combinations. I decided to make the project public, to motivate myself to engage in it every day, as well as inspire others.
I made up 30 color combinations (minimum 5 colors) using scraps and clippings from magazines. I did not use references and ready-made color schemes during the collection of the collage. All I had was a clipping box and a blank sheet of paper. In a way, I was a magician pulling multi-colored scarves from my hat.

At the same time, I was limited to what is in my box. Of course, I did not deny myself the receipt of various visual information, because every day I look at Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Thus, at the time of collecting each combination, everything that I saw before was accumulated.
Observations and conclusions
  • Even the process of searching for colors in magazines and cutting them out gives experience - I see ready-made combinations of colors, be it interiors or clothes, and involuntarily remember them.
  • I separate simple colors from complex ones.
  • In the box of colorful scraps, beautiful combinations randomly turn out to be pleasing to the eye and serve as a starting point for my combinations. Fun collages are randomly generated.
  • Conclusion: it was a great idea to choose this particular method (to collect colors from scraps). To the "color" experience is added the "physical" experience, i.e. motor skills are involved. Plus it's very convenient when, for example, I have already collected 3-4 colors, "try on" the 5th or 6th to them.
Project development
The next step is to use the resulting color combinations in future paintings, and to do this, learn how to mix complex colors.
Also, the project also gave impetus to my work with the collage.
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