Group show "Flowers - poems of nature"
From 3.03.20 till 08.03.20 there is a group show in the Molbert Gallery where I take part (Saint Petersburg)
If you live in Saint Petersburg or might happen to be there, I invite you to the exhibition "Flowers - Poems of Nature" in which I take part with my works from the series "Spring Flowers".

This series is notable for the fact that it was the first series I started ever, and applied collage.

The collage gives the colors three-dimensionality and texture, enhancing their tenderness and fragility.

I love this series, and did not want to sell paintings from it separately, without showing it in the gallery space. Finally, my dream came true - you can see 4 works from the series, and buy.

Let's celebrate the beginning of spring with such a wonderful event! I hope it will add warmth to the cold March St. Petersburg!

The exhibition venue is The Molbert Gallery, B. Konyushennaya str., 11. Come to the opening on March 3, at 19-00, there will be a very warm and cheerful atmosphere - I guarantee!

"Blue and pink"
Acrylics and collage on board, 30*30 cm.
Acrylics and collage on board, 30*30 cm.
"To the sun"
Acrylics and collage on board, 30*30 cm.
"Made it!"
Acrylics and collage on canvas, 30*30 cm.
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